As a recently passed mbbs final professional exam, I would like to share some tips for better preparation of professional exams. I think it’s easy to pass in the professional exam if you follow some suggestions. When I admitted to medical college it was scary for me as I was at a loss what to do, what not to do. In fact, I lost about six months by thinking about what to do, where to go to talk. And the medical terms was harder for me because I wasn’t a from English medium. Then I started to talk to my seniors, they gave me some advice which I had followed and succeeded.  We know that our professional exam has different parts like written, viva, practical/ long case, short case examination.

For written examination, I will suggest you solve previous five year or eight-year questions of your medical college which you can collect from your seniors, or if you have study group I think it’s easy to collect those questions. If you see those questions you may have the idea about from which topic questions may come. During written exam try your best to answer all the question as its important to get numbers, some student fails just for 2/3 marks, so its safe to answer all the questions.

For viva examination you must have to attend the lecture classes regularly, we know that during our viva exam there are two teachers in each board, one is internal another one is external from another medical college. As the interval is from your medical college, he/she knows the what questions are asked in the viva examination, so if we do the lecture classes of them, we easily get those viva questions. For that we have to attend classes, it’s not that we will do classes and write everything, like word by word of the lectures, no need. Just note the points to which your professor give emphasize or note when he says that its important for your exam. Afterward, when you return home just see those points once or twice. I did this and I made separate notebooks for each subject which helped me the night before the exam. After that, you can collect previous viva questions from your seniors and solve them. You can make discussion group in whats app or Facebook. I think its more than enough for viva. It will be very effective if you do group study during viva because of sometimes due to throat block, we know the answer but we can’t able to tell it.

For OSPE examination you can study the previous year question of your medical college. Sometimes some notebooks based on ospe may be available. If not ask your seniors what kind of questions may come in OSPE. Sometimes the professor may take classes on them, you can follow them. In the OSPE exam time is very little and you have to answer many short questions even tricky questions like in medicine, what’s the diagnosis. So be careful about time, don’t waste your time by elaborating answer, just write the exact answer.

For practical or long case or short case examination, I just say one thing “practice” yes just practice. You have to go toward for practice. It doesn’t mean that all the time you have to practice on patient, if patient isn’t available ( e.g. sometimes pt becomes irritated, or non cooperative) then practice with your classmates, examine one upon another , examination skills depends on your practice , its not like your written or viva examination that you will learn by one day. It’s totally different. The examiner will realize within seconds of your examination, that you had practiced or not. Even if it’s not possible to do the examination on your friends, like you’re in the home then just do it on yourself. Yes just do it, when I studied alone in the home I just would percuss on my chest wall, percuss on my abdomen. When you are at home, just heard your own heart sounds feel your pulse, that’s it. When you are in the home take the blood pressure of your mom, dad or any other family members. Just practice, practice and practice. there are several video channels available on Youtube for examination, see them during your off time. Study with fun, not with stress. MBBS is the toughest course in the world, so study with some tricks. There are many clinical pages, mnemonics pages, use them. When you see a mnemonic just note it down to your book. Medical students have to study many things, so its impossible to learn by heart all the things, so use mnemonic from the internet. Internet not only for facebook or chatting. Use them to increase your clinical knowledge, to open your clinical eye.

Last, of all, you need not only hard working but also luck to pass the exam. So pray to your god as your luck is on God’s hand. And best of luck, be a good doctor and serve the humanity.

Experience in first year MBBS final Anatomy practical exam

Experience in first year MBBS final Anatomy practical exam

A knowledge in anatomy is like a dead weight if we do not know how to apply the knowledge with successful skill. My experience in first year MBBS is quite good.Anatomy is really a hard subject for first year students because you never read about it like two other subjects like Physiology and Biochemistry. Our school teacher used to tell us that you have entered into a sea when we were in class eleven, But we are now really understanding what actually a sea is. The sea we were used to think are now like a small pond. Every wise person said that Practical part of the anatomy is more important than theory. I am sharing my experience in first year mbbs anatomy practical examination.

“I will turn human anatomy into roses and stars and sea. I will dissect the beloveds body in metaphor.” – Siri Hustvedt in The Summer Without Men

I know syllabus of human anatomy is like counting number of stars and amount of water in sea but if you love it like you love the beauty and smell of a  living rose – you are going to be a genius. I am writing another quotes which sounds funny.

“No man should marry until he has studied anatomy and dissected at least one woman.” – Honoré de Balzac

He had told like this to express that it is impossible to understand a woman. But if he really tried to learn anatomy- ever read the Grey’s anatomy, he would not said like this. If People have to study anatomy in order to get married – then – I like to hear your comment in this regard. It’s really a long debate.

So, I had the Anatomy practical exam. There was one day gap between two practical exam. Anatomy was next to Physiology practical exam. So, I had to focus on important chapters of anatomy and obviously my most favorite Atlas of anatomy utilizing most of the day. It was a amazing experience in first year mbbs anatomy practical examination.

The Day of Exam (experience in first year mbbs) 

Journey from Hostel room to Anatomy Hall – some unexpected moments 

Moments in the morning The day was luckily unlucky – Sometimes my luck favored but mostly luck was not with me. I was forced to wake up at 6:35 AM in the morning by me though alarm was set for 7 AM. And after some unorganized last minute view of Histology slides, I got ready and prepared my bag with with few  books, color pencils, pen etc. Then I see my white apron was staring at me curiously hanging from a overpopulated rope. I thanked myself for remembering that as I am a experienced and expert in forgetting.

Crisis in the road – It was 9:15 and I hurried for auto, taking a cake from canteen as usually I do. I was in hurry and there was auto but fully loaded there was no space for a single poor man. After few minutes a auto came and there was a space. But around ten people were struggling for  the single seat without showing any sympathy with this fighter. Waited for another 10 min with red face with anger in every cell like the Angry Bird and finally, I managed to get a seat and now I was the winner of the battle, feeling proud for myself. I traveled the 3/4th of the road very smoothly but suddenly paused but time was not paused. It’s cost was only 5 min, I had to pay. I started running, reached the college at 9:45. My heart was beating very fast as it wanted to come out from by body. I was feeling my apex beat like a novice drummer practicing with a hammer inside my chest.

The incidents that took place inside the anatomy hall – usual or unusual 

At last I entered the anatomy hall with gathering some confidence with in me. I was trying to charge mind but past experience was haunting my mind in the staircase. Head of the Department mam had already scolded me for the same reason.  It was my good luck for that day.

Histology exam experience – Histology exam started at 10:30 am, Histology notebooks were taken. I am telling seriously that I had some type of allergy in Histology notebook.  In Histology exam you have to identify 5 slides with two points and a special slide which you have to  draw only. Viva will be asked from the special slide . There was no problem in identifying the five slides and also the special slide. I was happy and did not hear any mishap from my fellow batch mates though 2 or 3 people mis-identified and later corrected with HOD’s solid snub.

Other six exam tables – After Histology, you have the freedom to choose any one of the following tables- Identification, Radiology & Surface Marking, Bones, Viscera and dissection window. Histology exam is conducted by fully internal team of Anatomy department but now it is the time for facing external.

My first choice Window – There was two cadavers one in supine and one in prone position. You have to give exam for one window. Normally you have to pick one card by lottery. The name of the window is written in the card. If you are lucky enough you get the chance to play with your luck again if the sir or mam conducting the lottery has some sympathy for you.

Luck didn’t favor this time – But actually what happened, the lottery was conducted by a really good and sympathetic mam. I was in a small queue behind two. They did no lottery just told what they want and mam gave the same card to them. My mind and heart was bouncing like a spring to get my most wanted, most practiced, most studied  Femoral triangle.  But, when my turn came another mam came to assist her. I told mam my choice. But mam was completely changed. The mam came like a negative inducer and I was ordered to choose from the bunch of cards. I choose a card and it was not for me, I have not done this before I told. The second mam started her mouth which I denied to hear and requested for another choice. First mam gave me the chance warning that it was my last chance. I did and and yes I got “Cubital fossa” a hot thing.

On spot preparation – I went for the cubital fossa there was no one for it. External sir was taking exam of a other fortunate who were first in the queue. I got the time as I required to prepare myself extra time to discuss with others who got the same.

We both enjoyed the Cubital Fossa – My turn came, Sir asked me to show roof, floor, boundaries, nerves, vessels everything and some clinical questions that I answered properly. I was happy to make sir happy but happiness came to anger when I came to know that sir gave 6.5 for good answers and 6 for moderate to bad answers. Actually they gave average number for experience in first year mbbs.

Identification, not a problem – Then I preferred to go for identification and waited for my turn sir pointed his forceps to  vessels, nerves, structures, viscera’s, muscles. I identified and answered carefully. Very good experience in first year mbbs practical exam.

Radiology and surface marking was my next choice I got a token of a line and a point frontal air sinus and 9th costal cartilage respectively. Examiner asked me few questions from occipito-mental view of skull.

V for Viscera – I gave the Viscera exam confidently. Brian, lung, tongue, cerebellum etc was given to me and I tried my best to satisfy the teacher. My total experience in first year mbbs dissection classes for viscera works fine.

Studying bones proved useless – The examination of bone was my last exam and the examiner’s too. We were three left for the exam. So as a team of three got confidence but he picked up the section of a bone. Giving half of the sectioned bone asked some definitions. He wanted us to tell “The exact definition written in the book” we failed to satisfy him. No anatomical position, no bony features, no attachment – studying these all things proved truly useless for the exam – a nice experience in first year mbbs.

It was my experience in first year mbbs and It was truly my last exam for anatomy, I successfully passed the first year and now trying to study the anatomy of second year that is Pharmacology.

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