The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

Book Cover: The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics is the latest edition of this extensive guide to the field of paediatrics, featuring revised, updated and brand new content. The book is divided into ten sections covering everything from core paediatrics to allied specialties and unclassified issues in paediatrics. The first section brings this edition firmly up to date, with an introduction to contemporary trends. Other sections include neonatology, paediatric infections, subspecialties, procedures, syndromes, and drug doses. New chapters in this edition include fever spectrum, fungal, protozoal, heliminthic, intrauterine, and nosocomial infections and infestations, all in the paediatric infections section. Enhanced by over 815 full colour images, The Short Textbook of Pediatrics also features multiple choice questions and clinical problems at the end of chapters for self-evaluation, making this an ideal resource for interns, residents and junior paediatricians, as well as practising physicians.

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