P.L Dhingra Diseases of ENT

Diseases of Ear Nose Throat

Book Cover: P.L Dhingra Diseases of ENT

Diseases of ear, nose and throat is a popular textbook of ent. The first edition of the book was published in 1992. Since then it has received wide acceptance from the readers and every attempt has been made to update the current edition in the light of the advances made by the specialty. The current sixth edition of the book marks 22nd year of its publication. Key features: new and thoroughly updated chapters proptosis/orbital tumors thyroid gland and its disorders surgery of thyroid anatomy and physiology of para-nasal sinuses tumors of nasopharynx congenital lesions of larynx and stridor foreign bodies of air and food passages laser surgery, radiofrequency surgery and hyperbaric oxygen therapy hiv infection/aids and ent manifestations table of contents:
section i: diseases of ear
section ii: diseases of nose and para nasal sinuses
section iii: diseases of oral cavity and salivary glands
section iv: diseases of pharynx
section v: diseases of larynx and trachea
section vi: thyroid gland and its disorders
section vii: diseases of oesophagus
section viii: recent advances
section ix: clinical methods in ent and neck masses
section x: operative surgery appendices

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